About LANWest

LANWest came about in 2003 as an informal gathering of regional promoters and producers with an interest in live art and contemporary performance. Organised by hÅb, and hosted by greenroom, it offers a forum for peer exchange and discussion.

A key shared agenda for LANWest is the what next? question: the need to offer progression to the wealth of new work produced in the region, in terms of regional touring of contextualised early career work, and the support of key work to break free of the emergent regional label and to find its place on the national circuit.

The network is currently undertaking a 3 year distribution project funded by Arts Council England – including the In Transit annual tour, this website and proactive support of developing contexts in Preston and Carlisle.

Project description

In the North West we pride ourselves on the quantity and quality of contemporary theatre, performance and live art produced each year. There is a range of sophisticated and joined-up mechanisms in place to foster the development of emergent talent – such as emergency, Method Lab, In Transit, and as a result of this region has garnered a reputation for emergent work.

But what next? How does work move on from the emergent label? This website aims to take a step towards breaking through the glass ceiling, employing the medium of the web to display that North West work can and will shed the emergent tag. This is a unique collaboration between the region’s promoters and producers, bringing their recommendations and endorsement to the work displayed. As programmers ourselves, we recognise the value of peer recommendation in selecting hitherto unknown work and we hope that our endorsement will encourage colleagues to take a chance on something new.

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This site is managed on behalf of LANWest by hÅb.

Contact us at: info@lanwest.org

or c/o greenroom, 54-56 Whitworth Street West, Manchester, M1 5WW

+44 161 232 9671

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