”Moi…?” is about a girl who secretly craves constant attention and tries all she can to be given the chance to perform but without directly asking for the opportunity. Her favourite trick is attempting to break ridiculous world records.It’s not that I want you to look at me. I don’t want you to see what I’m doing. There’s no need for you to watch my every movement. Or listen to my every word. If I happen to catch your eye, it probably wasn’t intentional. If you notice me attempting to produce an elephant out of an old balloon, with one hand, and a blindfold over my eyes, it’s purely for my own entertainment. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

But only when I’ve finished.

Gemma Neep

Gemma’s interests lie in solo performance which offers a comment on isolation and loneliness in the world we live in today. Often uncomfortable, with Gervais-esque comedy and an endearing charm, both Moi…? and You Can Leave Your Shoes On experiment with an insecure and disillusioned character attempting  to forge a connection with an audience of strangers.

Gemma returns to greenroom later this year with a trilogy of work.


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