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“Trivial Europe” – Die Fabrikanten – unused footage from film
“The 100$ Hustle or Ten Famous Views Of The Angel City” – selected excerpt from self-produced film using material from “TV Jukebox”
“TV Jukebox” – selected footage of Installation on the two screens.
The audience encounters a TV screen and CD player in a neutral public space. They are invited to choose music from the CD (as with a Juke-Box) and onscreen Mandy performs to the chosen music while they watch their choice. They can also go to the performance space and view the performance live (but not affect it).
“The 100$ Hustle or Ten Famous Views Of The Angel City” – selected excerpt from self-produced film
“Dragging Round The World” – excerpted documentary footage from live performance
A cabaret-style account of Mandy’s first Round-The-World Journey
“The Torn Dress” – footage taken from documentary record of the action for Live Art Development Agency DVD – “Joining The Dots”
Mandy enters the window wearing a dress made of the Manchester telephone directory. Progressively over three hours she tears off sections of the dress and wrote word-by-word an improvised poem expressing feelings about the city affixing them one by one to the window until it is covered and she is naked(?). Other localized versions of the action have been performed in Liverpool and Copenhagen.
“That Picture” – selected excerpt from self-produced film
“Kou” – excerpt of documentary footage from live performance
In KOU after a brief introduction the performer produces a set of 32 specially created cards (32 is a significant number in Chinese religion and philosophy), - extracting two as a “frame” for the performance they shuffle the remaining 30 and taking each as they come from the pack announces the number which cues projections and a piece of action by the performer. Each card carries a personal reference linked to a key-word, eg, @River – I need to live by rivers” or “Spitting – I never learned to spit” or “Creative Action – I Try to Fill moments with creative action”.
“KOU” is the Chinese word/character for mouth and the idea of mouth = stage space = emptiness = etc links all the separate sections of a work which is a kind of philosophical reflection on travel, creating art, religion, performing and China. The work is complete once the frame cards have been used. Props are minimal. There are at least three different versions of “Kou” using the structure but different material from the China in different forms.
“The 100$ Hustle or Ten Famous Views Of The Angel City” – selected excerpt from self-produced film using material from “TV Jukebox”
“My Greatest Hit” - excerpt of documentary footage from live performance
An improvised performance using, as its starting point the idea that Mandy is receiving an award as a member of the band who produced the “Greatest ‘Lost’ Album Of All Time”.

Mandy Romero

I am a transgender artist. My art is transgender art. Art can be transgender in three ways, it seems to me. It can be art created by a transgender person, or art about transgender, or it can be art which is “trans” in its nature, structure, aesthetic and substance. Sometimes my art is about transgender, it is always created by a transgender, but above all it always strives to “be” trans in its nature.
There is one artist, Mandy, who is both a creation and a bodily reality. Emanating from her are many other Mandy’s, not all called Mandy, all more or less made up, in every sense of that phrase, each appropriate to the exigencies of the experience which is being dealt with and the artistic medium being explored. Diversity is therefore intrinsic to my art-works. To create them I have used film, installation, photography, text, appearance and live performance in many locations.
I will call myself a “transgenderist”.
A “transgenderist” is a special kind of artist. What they do involves crucial elements of artifice, ambiguity and creativity. Whatever medium they work in, these elements have a positive force to intervene in both quotidien and heightened realities and generate new perspectives and elucidations, to reshape, often just for a moment, but a vital moment, some aspect of reality. My chosen artistry flows through the medium of Mandy Romero and although some of the ideas and experiences she embodies and enacts have flowed from my time as a human being the language used to express them, and her own, are precisely hers, - the acts of transformation, personation, commentary, appearance and engagement, which she carries out. The process of developing and enriching Mandy as a medium for artistry has been a long one, although I have only worked as a Live Artist in the public domain for the last seven years.

The full extent of Mandy Romero’s art-work can be surveyed at,-

Artist Biography:

Mandy Romero began her Live Art career at Liverpool’s 2002 Biennial in a performance piece produced by Guillermo Gomez-Pena. Previous to that she had begun performing on the first of her “Dragging Round the World” circumnavigations of the globe. In 2003 she was one of three Associate Artists in Live Art at the Liverpool Bluecoat Arts Centre where, amongst a number of works created, she premiered the “live” version of her transgender epic “The Mandayana”. After the second of her global tours in 2004 she was given a Fellowship in Live Art by the Arts Council to spend two months in residence at the Cable Factory in Helsinki. In 2005 she extended her involvement with the Liverpool Tate through a number of gallery-based performances and trained in Improvisation with Andrew Morrish the Australian dancer/improviser in Amsterdam. Mandy has a website which tells more of her performing life,-

For the Liverpool 2004 Biennial Mandy took on the mantle of Liverpool Queen Of Culture, and in the summer of 2006, commissioned as part of the Liverpool Culture Company’s “City In Transition” Programme, she produced “the Great Make-Over”, a published art-work in a limited edition distributed through the city’s major arts venues which drew visual and poetic material from the idea of “make-over” to comment on the changes in the city. The location for the experiences involved was Paradise Street in Liverpool where she had in the Spring carried out a number of shop-window actions in the Out Of The Bluecoat premises (subsequently demolished).

In October and November 2007 she undertook a performance research journey through South China (the Pearl River Delta) and Shanghai, - details of the work produced are all on her web-site

In 2008 she has performed in Copenhagen on a residency and as part of a Festival, acted in a play at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre and appeared in several of the ‘08 Cabarets on Walk The Plank’s ship in Liverpool Docks.


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