The Twice Removed

  • Show duration: 1 Hour
  • Number in company: 3
  • Get-in time: 4 hours
  • Type of work/venue/location: Small, black box
  • Available to tour: Spring 2012

A solo show by Anna Fenemore and Pigeon Theatre

1 woman.  148 biographies.  1 show.

The Twice Removed is a new Pigeon Theatre show created and performed by Artistic Director Anna Fenemore.  A solo show with three performers: Anna Fenemore as ‘Anna’; Gillian Knox as ‘The Prompt’; and Andrew Crofts as ‘The Technician’.

The show investigates the concept of a ‘biographical’ performance solo, where the lone artist presents only what other people want, and only what other people think of her, and only what or ‘who’ other people believe her to be.  The show interrogates ideas around identity construction and negotiates tricky conflicting views of who ‘Anna’ might be.

Last summer I decided to make a solo show.  It began badly.  I didn’t know how to work alone and I stared for long periods of time at walls not knowing what to do.  In a moment of terror I wrote to 148 people and asked them to tell me what to do, to tell me what solo show they would like me to make.  I wrote to people in different ‘groups’: ex-students, current-students, colleagues, old-friends, new-friends, family, ex-lovers, asking them for show ideas or fragments, structures, instructions, warnings, details or broad brushstrokes.  I assured them that I would not be making their show, but that I would be using the material, stories and correspondences I received to make the show.   And so the project became a large-scale, long-distance collaboration between myself as solo performer/maker/subject and 148 contributors/collaborators/ biographers.  

 Showreel here, full show below.

Pigeon Theatre

Established in 2001, the company has made small and medium scale performance work and has performed at a number of venues including: greenroom; Manchester International Festival 2007; Library Theatre, Manchester; Stamford Arts Centre; Alsager Arts Centre; Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards Workcentre, Pontadera, Italy; Charter and Guildhall, Preston; Art 06, Preston; Art 05, Liverpool; Wickham Theatre, Bristol; Edinburgh Fringe Festivals 2003 and 2005; International Theatre Festival, Amsterdam; National Review of Live Art; Xtrax Festival, Manchester; Frontiers International Theatre Festival, MMU; Street Level Arts Festival, Whitstable; Commonwealth Games Arts Festival, Manchester; eXpo, Nottingham; Axis Arts Centre, Crewe; stage@leeds

2002-3: the HOUSEKEEPER, set in a kitchen, thematically looked at the ways in which women are represented socially and culturally by deconstructing the processes of domestic labour.

2004-5: the HEIST ACADEMY, set in/around a large wooden box, explored the generic paradigms of the Heist movie through a vast multi-media project.

2005-6: the REHEARSAL (part 1), set in a bar. The first part of what was to be a trilogy was premiered at Edinburgh and then toured the UK.

2007-8: the REHEARSAL (a trilogy), set in a bar, is a three part performance based on verbatim interviews with over 50 differently aged and gendered individuals and is performed by differently aged and gendered couple s (two young women, a middle-aged couple and two older men). Each show makes radical reflections on and interventions into the other shows, but can be experienced individually.

2008-09: the LITTLE SLEEP, a studio-based theatre show in-the-round commissioned for greenroom’s 25th anniversary season, featuring a fully functioning kitchen & cookery demonstration on-stage with audience participation - this show explored the friendship between two women, influenced by film-noir, hard-boiled fiction, Nigella Lawson & Delia Smith.

2009-10: A BIG CONCEPT AND A VERY LITTLE DETAIL, sound installation featuring a commentary of ‘big ideas’ and the ‘little details’ that surround them. Pigeon Theatre wrote to 250 specialist contributors to ask them about big ideas in their field of research. The resulting work featured “Why the Nile is blue” and “Why do nightingales keep the CERN scientists up at night?”.

2010 & 2011: the ART OF CONVERSATION, two all-female community projects commissioned by greenroom and facilitated by Pigeon Theatre. Over a ten week period 20 women asked questions about how conversation can be seen as a creative act rather than a mundane act; each project culminated in a public performance and installation. We are in discussion with Manchester City Council about continuing this project with a third group in 2012 following the demise of greenroom.

2010 & 2012: the TWICE REMOVED, 2010 preview tour to stage@leeds, Axis Arts Centre and greenroom; spring 2012 tour tba.



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